Thursday, 25 August 2011

BLOG HOP - Feature & Follow Friday #1

I've not been very inspired with my humble little blog lately. But a favorite bloggy friend who lives in South Africa virtually slapped me around a little (just kidding) to pull me back into the blogosphere and well, Wendy this one is for you!  Yes, I am a week late and I went for the easy option....  ;-)

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In books like the Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood) series the paranormal creature in question "comes out of the closet" and makes itself known to the world. Which mythical creature do you wish would come out of the closet, for real?

My Answer:

Fairies! Elves and pixies...Good, bad, ugly, gorgeous, female and male...all different types of fey creatures.   As a child, I remember once building a pretty landing pad for them with food to tempt.  After convincing my sister that they would come, we hid waiting for ages...OK, I believed in Santa then as well.

And as a woman who is an avid reader of paranormal romances, who loves a good Vampire hero and adores her Werewolves, I'm always looking for a well-written fey hero who doesn't rely on brawn to win a fight. 

Friday, 8 July 2011

Ugly Duckling - My rough first draft for ACT I

YAY!  *cartwheels*

I reached my first milestone for my WIP.  And I have to say thanks to Scrivener for getting me this far and keeping me on track (virtual kisses to beloved corkboard, which I'll name corky for short).  This is a big deal for me, because previously I'd be fighting myself with where I want to take the story, over-thinking, over-revising, re-reading and adding layer upon layer of complication.  The plot would resemble Frankenstein and nothing like what I'd originally outlined.  I'd then realize I was over-ambitious but under-achieving, have a brain freeze and then decide it would take months to time for a looooong break.

But this time around, I think I've managed myself better by giving myself smaller milestones.  So I would have escape clauses to abandon work if it really isn't meant to be.  Nothing worst that clinging onto a project out of being too stubborn or sentimental.  I did that the first time, refusing to accept the story wasn't ready to be told (by me).  The hero and heroine weren't ready to meet, and me forcing them just made them wooden. 

So back to my first milestone, what was it again?

After much reflection a few weeks ago, I finally went back to basics as far as the kind of story I wanted to tell.  I kept it simple, hero, heroine and a pack of manageable villians and a reasonable threat to address.  I tried not to get too carried away with the world building, and to let that naturally become apparent as the story moved along.  I also broke the story into three Acts so I knew exactly where I wanted to be at the end of each Act.  I didn't get too uptight when I strayed a bit here or there and wanted to add unexpected elements.  I had corky to keep me focused on where I was spending my time, remind me of where my next rendezvous point was, and take side notes as I went along.  But I think the most important thing I did, was not allow myself to revisit my work while I'm actually writing.  It was really hard to do... But I bullishly pushed forward no matter how awful, cliched or clumsy the words came.  Finally, in between lots of procrastination, self doubting and wincing, I've produced a very rough first draft for Act I.  You're probably thinking, is that it?  Yup, a Prologue, 6 Chapters, less than 18K words and I'm throwing streamers and confetti all over   :-)

I'm now relishing going back and mulling over every word, sentence and paragraph until I go a bit googly eyed.  I can drive that black truck into my first chapter, give my lonely ghost more personality, and dress or undress hero.  ;-)  Next milestone is to turn my Ugly Duckling Act I into a Swan.  And then I'll decide if there will be a 'to be continued...'

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

BLOGFEST - Why I write?


Hmmm…I’m not sure why I’m joining in this blogfest, but it is my first. I suppose it could be because I’m annoyed with my writing, stuck in a piece of dialogue that seems to be going nowhere, and in desperate need for some form of procrastination that involves typing words that doesn’t involve my current work in progress.

But since I’ve started this, I may as well give it a shot and reflect on why I write. If you happen to be reading this, don’t worry, I will keep it short!

I write because it’s fun, because I need a creative outlet that is easily accessible. It entertains me to see the silly things that are floating in my mind being translated into words. Quite often, usually minutes later, large sections of my work get deleted, after I’ve had my little chuckle. After I’ve told myself what a dag I am and thank god no one will ever read the crap that just streamed unedited from my head. As for the stuff that doesn’t get deleted, I enjoy the creative challenge of going back and revising the writing into something vivid enough to capture my imagination. Of course, that’s the goal. I don’t always succeed. But when I do, there’s great satisfaction in the personal achievement. I’m on a high, buzzing with excitement. It’s usually very short-lived since I realize I’ve only produced one, maybe two paragraphs of worth…that I have a long, long way to go before I reach the finish line. Then I get a little tired, but I remind myself that I’m having ‘fun’.

I also think I write because it helps organize my chaotic mind. I’m one of those people who have nonsensical dreams. It drives my husband crazy when I wake up in need to explain one to him. He either doesn’t have dreams or if he does, they make complete rational sense. Whereas I could have spent my night hours at a birthday party, in the middle of a baseball stadium, sitting on a couch eating my chocolate baseball bat. I really love stringing sentences together and seeing the jumbled scenes in my head come together.

So I don’t have any grandiose, deep and meaningful reason as to why I write. I admire writers that do. But for me, it’s pure entertainment. :-)

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